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Buy Amsterdam Train Tickets

Dutch trains are mainly run by the national rail company NS (Nederlandse Spoorwegen) and the network covers the country extensively. Travelling by train is convenient, reliable and reasonable value for money. All prices below are for 2023.

buy amsterdam train tickets

Train tickets in the Netherlands can be booked at the Omio site (official partner of NS). It offers a wide range of payment options in multiple currencies (including EUR/USD/GBP/AUD). There is a small booking fee but the tickets are refundable right up to the day before travel.

You can purchase e-tickets/mobile tickets at the NS site online at standard fares. You can also get a 10% discount if you purchase singles or day returns online at least 4 days in advance. Payment in euros only, tickets are non-refundable.

With a valid train ticket (disposable ticket, checked-in OV-chip card, e-ticket/mobile ticket) you can jump onboard any standard service to your destination and just find a free seat in your class. There are no seating reservations required on standard trains.

TIP: Take advantage of allowable stopovers with e-tickets. If you have a mobile or e-ticket (one-way or day return) then you are allowed to make unlimited stopovers at any stations along your specified route.

Railrunner tickets can also be bought without surcharge as an e-ticket/mobile ticket or added as a product onto an anonymous or personal OV-chip card. Kids aged 3 and under travel for free.

This ticket is a possible option for visitors arriving at Amsterdam Schiphol airport. It combines the airport train journey with unlimited GVB public transport (trams, buses, metro and night buses) around Amsterdam.

It offers unlimited travel for NS train journeys between Schiphol Airport and any station in Amsterdam (Central, Amstel, Bijlmer-ArenA, Duivendrecht, Holendrecht, Lelylaan, Muiderpoort, RAI, Sciencepark, Sloterdijk or Zuid). This also includes any train journeys between the mentioned Amsterdam stations.

This ticket is valid on all public transport in the greater Amsterdam region. This includes NS trains, all regional buses (Connexxion, EBS and Arriva Keukenhof services) and all GVB Amsterdam buses, metro and trams.

This product makes it easier for visitors to navigate the Netherlands on one single ticket. It is valid for 1 day on all public transport in the country including trains (2nd class), buses, trams and metro. It can be bought at the desk or ticket machines at stations and is a disposable OV-chip card. You must check-in and check-out for each journey leg.

If you plan to do a lot of travelling on a single day (either in terms of distance or using different forms of transport) then this ticket could offer good value and not having to buy separate tickets.

Generally, discounted train fares are NOT available to any adult visitors including those over 60. Visitors to the Netherlands pay the standard fare unless they hold a discount card or are travelling with someone who does.

Tickets & Service counters at major city stations also sell international train tickets, although a service fee is charged. Alternatively, purchase online (no service fee) at NS International

In Amsterdam and throughout the Netherlands, the public transport chip card (OV-Chipkaart) is a rechargeable card used for travel on trams, buses, metros and trains. Residents typically own a personalised card that can be loaded up with credit. However, it is also possible to purchase a non-personalised card that can be reused and recharged with credit at any time.

There is a reliable and frequent tram service across Amsterdam (except for Amsterdam-Noord), with many routes terminating at Central Station. It is easy to check in and out with a public transport chip card (OV-Chipkaart) at the start and end of your journeys (including when you change trams). Alternatively, it is possible to purchase a 1, 24 or 48-hour ticket aboard most trams using a credit or debit card. Other tickets (including multi-day tickets) can be purchased at GVB Tickets & Info offices or GVB ticket machines.

The first challenge for many first time visitors is buying a train ticket from the airport to the city center. You cannot buy tickets on the train. The ticket machines do not provide instructions in English and can be a bit confusing. The machines give change but do not accept bills, so be sure to have some coins on hand. Or you can buy online tickets through the following link and avoid complications. Buy an Amsterdam train tickets from airport to city online.

The greener way to go*The analysis of Eurostar versus air emissions has been calculated in an independent analysis by Paul Watkiss Associates Ltd in 2020, based on 2019 CO2e emissions. Comparison between Eurostar and aviation is made based on the kg of greenhouse gas emissions [CO2(e)] per passenger on the same one-way journey. The calculation is based on aviation CO2e emissions from the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) calculator, and train CO2e emissions calculated using Defra methodology for the UK, and the IEA (International Energy Agency) for France, Belgium and the Netherlands. More information on

Thankfully, trains operate for most of the day and night so you should be able to find a service that works for your journey regardless of when your flight lands at the airport. Generally the trains run from 6am through to 1am the next day, departing every hour at other times.

You can buy train tickets for the journey from the airport into the city center online in advance. Alternatively you are able to buy tickets for a one-way ride at the airport train station. The ticket machines at the airport are yellow in color and you can pay by credit card or with Euros.

You should always check with NS, the railway operator, ahead of your journey to see whether there is any planned maintenance work that could affect the timing of the trip into the city, particularly if you are planning to take a train after midnight or on a weekend service.

Luggage space can sometimes be limited on the train, and if you are traveling at a particularly busy time of day then you might struggle to find enough room for all of your bags. Consider booking flights that will allow you to use a train service at a quieter time of day.

Most visits to the Netherlands don't cover enough miles to justify buying a rail pass, even if you're visiting Belgium as well. But if your Dutch travels are part of a much wider-ranging trip, a Global Pass might well pan out (just keep in mind that extra seat-reservation fees are required on the region's high-speed Thalys trains). If you decide against a pass, see our general tips for buying point-to-point tickets in Europe.

Traveling around the Netherlands can be quite frustrating to foreigners as there are so many modes of transportation. This article will discuss the best train tickets and public transit tickets for traveling in the Netherlands. I include recommendations for the best ticket to use within Amsterdam as well as the best ticket option for a day trip from Amsterdam with helpful information on how to purchase train and public transit tickets in the Netherlands.

You can check the train and public transit schedules using Google Maps and I generally prefer Google Maps as it actually updates more regularly, however you will want to pay attention to any potential transfer as you might be transferring from a train to a bus, which is a separate public transit system. The major Dutch train station for each city are usually called X City Centraal e.g. Amsterdam Centraal.

Catch the train at Schiphol to travel directly to many destinations in The Netherlands. The NS train station is located directly below the terminal building. Take the escalator or lift downstairs and board the train. The train gets you for instance to Amsterdam Central Station in 14-17 minutes.

Booking tickets in advance, perhaps even when they are first released, is a good solution when you are planning a journey several weeks or months in advance. However, for last-minute train tickets from Paris to Amsterdam, you can search our website to find the lowest prices within 5 to 7 days of your intended departure date. Depending on the dates and the train company, you can choose to reserve your seats at the price shown, freeze that price for a specific period, and pay for your seats before it elapses.

Certain routes are served by both direct trains and trains with connections. When booking your ticket to Amsterdam on SNCF Connect, the words "Direct" or "Connection" are displayed under the schedule for each journey. At this stage, you can also compare prices between direct trains and trips with connections.

Cheap international train ticketsOfficial online shop of Netherlands railways (NS International). International train tickets for Europe including overnight trains. Buy your saver fare tickets easily and securely here.

The yellow train tickets machines are a familiar sight in train stations all over the Netherlands and you will probably first encounter them when you enter the main public hall at Schiphol Airport, pictured below.

I wish to purchase a ticket online with NS APP from Amsterdam airport to Voorschoten. When I select the destination, it gives me train options. If I buy a ticket for 16:00 but then I want to take the next train, is my ticket still valid? Or do I have to stick to 16:00 train please? Of course, the same day

I guess we are talking about a NS*) supplied e-ticket. These tickets are valid until 04:00 the next day, meaning that you have to be onboard your train before 04:00 and that you cannot change to another train after 04.00. Using an e-ticket the conductor may ask you to identify yourself as the owner of the ticket. Enjoy your trip. 041b061a72

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