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Where Can You Buy Sears Gift Cards

Big Habitat wrote a post yesterday about an Office Depot deal offering $20 off the purchase of $100 Sears gift cards through 10/18. He mentions that you can possibly use the Sears gift cards to purchase gas cards or Amazon gift cards in-store at Sears.

where can you buy sears gift cards

The reason this deal is so good is that you are getting 20% off the Sears gift cards plus 5x points at Office Depot if you use a Chase Ink card. If you can turn around and buy $200 Visa gift cards, then it is a nice haul. Lets take a look at the math.

The key to this deal is finding a Sears cashier who will let you purchase gift cards with gift cards. From what I understand it is against their policy to allow it, however the registers will allow it. Definitely YMMV.

For instance, paying directly with ThankYou points at will give you less than 1 cent per point, compared to redeeming points for 1 cent each for Best Buy gift cards. But if you bought gift cards directly from Sears, you'd save a fair number of points.

You can redeem points for gift cards directly through Citi at 1 cent per point, but you'll get 12 cents per point when transferring them to Sears. So while you're losing a bit of value when redeeming at Sears, this may be a positive if you aren't traveling soon anyway.

As it gets closer to the holiday season, you may need to purchase gift cards for yourself or your family. So you have a ton of ThankYou points in your account from sign-up bonuses anyway, Sears' Shop Your Way program is a decent option.

While the company will remain in business, longtime customers are a bit nervous, wondering about warranties for all those appliances they bought, as well as Shop Your Way reward points and gift cards.

Sears is one of the most historic department stores in the country. Today people can buy products from Sears stores all around the country and through its website at People can buy Sears gift cards and check on their balances too.

Sears has gift cards that come in many designs and values and can be used in any place in the Sears and Kmart family of stores. They can be used in any Sears store or other Sears-branded retail outlet as well as any Kmart or Land's End store. These cards can also be used on the website.

Second, the customer can check on the balance at The gift card number and PIN must be entered in so this can be read. The PIN is hidden behind a scratch-coated cover on the back of the card.

December 20, 2017 Update: The Court granted final approval and we are starting the process of distributing $9.99 gift cards by email to the first 1,000 valid claimants. Please be sure to check your spam folder. (Valid claimants who did not provide an email will receive their gift card by mail.) The distribution process will be completed by January 5, 2018. Please note that more than 1,000 claims were received so you will not automatically receive a gift card. Only the first 1,000 valid claims will be honored.

July 18, 2017 Update: Under the terms of this settlement, Sears has agreed to make available up to 1,000 gift cards that must be claimed within 12 months of the Effective Date of the Sears class action settlement. More than 1,000 claims have already been submitted. We are in the process of checking the submitted claims to determine whether they are valid. A number of claims have already been rejected because the claimant does not qualify as a class member under the terms of the settlement. No additional claims will be accepted until we complete this initial review process. Once the initial review process is complete, if it is determined that less than 1,000 valid claims have been submitted, we will reopen the claims process. We will post an update once the initial review process is complete.

Sears agrees to participate in a claims process whereby Settlement Class Members claiming to have disposed of one or more Sears gift card(s) with a remaining balance less than $10.00 during the period January 12, 2013 through June 21, 2017, inclusive, as a result of being informed by a Sears employee that redemption for cash was not permissible, will receive one gift card valued at $9.99 which can be used or redeemed for cash at any Sears location in California, without any purchase requirement. Sears will make available up to 1,000 total $9.99 gift cards for the earlier of 12 months after the Effective Date (which is 30 days after the Settlement becomes final) or when 1,000 Settlement Class Members have submitted a valid claim.

With many Americans giving and receiving gift cards this holiday season, the big question now becomes, how and when they will use these gift cards. According to recent research by the National Retail Federation, gift cards remained the most requested holiday item for 2009 (for the third consecutive year). And, while some consumers save their gift cards for a rainy day, many have been kicking off the New Year by redeeming their Sears, Kmart and Lands' End gift cards for items they need now - turning the smartest gift of all into a practical shopping tool.

"When customers use our gift cards to purchase gifts for themselves, it really shows us what is most important to them," said Susan Ehrlich, president, Financial Services, Sears Holdings. "In years past, we saw more of a focus placed on 'splurge' purchases for the home, such as larger flat-panel TVs. However, this year, we're seeing gift card redemptions with more of an emphasis on practical purchases that make family 'nesting' more enjoyable, like video games and consoles."

Also, on the list of 2009 gift card purchases are essential "Do-it-Yourself" tools as well as Kenmore Super Capacity High Efficiency Washers "When we see gift cards being used to purchase a high-efficiency washer, that tells us that our customers are focused on smart, practical investments for their homes now more than ever," added Ehrlich.

Sears makes it very easy to redeem your gift cards. All Sears Holdings' gift cards - which include Sears, Kmart, and Lands' End - are easy and convenient to use since they can be cross-redeemed at any one of these retail outlets as well as online. Although Sears, Kmart and Lands' End gift cards have no fees and they never expire, below are a few of the reasons redeeming them now is a better idea than ever:

Your recipient decides how to receive the gift, selecting amongst a bank account deposit, a PayPal transfer or an e-gift card to a national merchant. They can choose to spend the money at the suggested business or elsewhere.

You know how good you feel when you give someone a book? ...we make that same feeling possible with ebooks, through gift cards.My company is called Enthrill, but thousands of Canadian customers know about us as the Ebook Gift Card company - it works similar to iTunes gift cards, only it's just for ebooks and works on all reading devices and platforms. The best part is you can redeem Enthrill gift cards for thousands and thousands of books of all kinds - there's an ebook for everyone! Look for ebook gift cards in stores across Canada including Walmart, Sears, Shoppers Drug Mart, Giant Tiger, Visions, Toys R Us, Safeway, Home Outfitters, Home Hardware, Longos, Triple 4 Foods, Jean Coutu and many others (you can even redeem Air Miles for ebooks). Our gift cards are conveniently located in thousands of high volume retail stores in every province and territory. The patent-pending technology behind the gift cards was developed by a very smart group of people in Calgary, Alberta. This is a group of people that loves books and are passionate about their work. We work with book publishers from around the world to present some of the best published content available to consumers.Over the days leading up to Christmas, you will see me posting about our product quite a bit, partly because I am very proud of what my team has built, but mostly because we want consumers and businesses to purchase our product this holiday shopping season. Lots and lots. This is important because our little company has big plans; we want to help people all over the world feel the joy of giving ebooks, because books are the ultimate gift of all - they are the gift of imagination, of wonder and of knowledge. So, if you'd like to see us succeed in making this great product available around the world, there are two easy things you can do to help: firstly, by sharing my posts and letting more people know about this great new gift and secondly by giving the gift of imagination this Christmas, by purchasing ebook gift cards for your loved ones, or for your staff, or for your customers. Thank you for your support, from all the people who love to give and receive books as gifts, and everyone at Enthrill. 041b061a72

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