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Rocket Mania Deluxe Full Crack [torrent Full] Fix

  • Rocket Mania Deluxe is a new pyrotechnic puzzle game! Twist and turn the fuses to link a burning match to one or more rockets, then watch the sparks fly! Upgrade your rockets for bigger bangs by collecting coins along the way. But watch out - set off your fireworks by dawn or the show is over! How many can you launch at one time? Game FeaturesAwesome 3d-accelerated fireworks effects!

  • Three gameplay modes: Classic, fast paced Arcade mode and untimed Strategy mode.

  • Exciting musical score and bone-rattling sound effects!

  • Save your games and continue later.

  • High scores for all modes!

  • Play offline, full screen or windowed!

  • Advance in rank as you play: can you become the Master of Pyrotechnics?

  • Free download Rocket Mania 4.7 MbGame Screenshots System Requirements:OS: Windows 95/98/2000/XP/MeMemory: 32 MBDirectX: 7.0CPU: 350 MHzPlayer Reviews We have no player reviews for Rocket Mania yet.Write the First Review! Top Game Genres Action

  • Breakout

  • Card

  • Mahjong

  • Multiplayer

  • Puzzle

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Rocket Mania Deluxe Full Crack [torrent Full]


In Rocket Mania, players earn points by quickly and skillfully launching fireworks. This is done by rotating fuse segments on a grid in order to form a path between sources of flame on the left and firework rockets on the right. As the two are connected, the rockets launch, earning points. Bonus points can be earned by launching multiple rockets at once, which is possible since the fuse segments often contain 3-way or 4-way junction pieces, effectively splitting the path of the flame. After a rocket launch, all fuse segments which were touched by the flames are eliminated and replaced by new random fuse segments (with existing pieces falling downward to fill any gaps). Rocket Mania Free Download.

Connections are helpfully color-coded in order to easily identify fuse segments which are connected to a source of fire or to one or more rockets. Players often find it helpful to work backwards (from the rockets), allowing setup of a multiple rocket launch before making connection with fuse segments already connected to flames.

Coins can be collected in the same fashion, and after each level, the coins are automatically spent to upgrade the point-value of some of the rockets, making future launches of these rockets more valuable. 5 coins upgrade one rocket, to a maximum of 1000 points, and for every upgrade the rockets take on new appearances, ultimately ending up as Dragon Rockets. After all rockets have been fully upgraded (to level 10), every additional coin which is collected is converted into points.

New items are placed onto the existing fuse segments at a faster rate if the player successfully performs large, multi-rocket launches. Larger launches increase the number of coins that drop onto the fuses as well.

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