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Sweet Carolina WORK

I absolutely love cooking pork in the slow cooker. Pork that slow cooks for 12 hours is insanely tender and just falls apart when you take it out to shred. The spice rub on this pork infuses so much amazing flavor as it cooks. The brown sugar adds a bit of sweet while the spices give it the perfect balance of flavor.

Sweet Carolina

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I know that you guys are going to love this recipe just as much as we did. Everything about these sliders are amazing from the sweet melt in your mouth pork, to the creamy coleslaw, to the pretzel bun. These are going to wow the entire crowd at your next tailgating party!

We went all out to cast the heat to your pallet. Our heat blend uses the hottest pepper on the planet. The "Carolina Reaper" from down the road at Ft. Mill, SC. Our jerky packs a powerful punch using the reaper pepper with a Scoville scale of 1.57 million and finished with our red pepper blend & sweet sauce. We do not recommend this jerky to the first time heat enthusiasts. 041b061a72

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